These are current and past Anim8or releases made by Steven Glanville only the most current release has support the others have no support from me or Steven Glanville.

Anim8or V0.1

Anim8or V0.4

Anim8or V0.65

Anim8or V0.7

Anim8or V0.8

Anim8or V0.85 Beta

Anim8or V0.85

Anim8or V0.9 Beta

Anim8or V0.9

Anim8or V0.9 is the only release that has support. If you by any chance have a copy of an anim8or release that is not present on this site, I would love to add it to the releases page. Just send them to , Make sure to label the subject box "Anim8or Release" so I'll know what it is, thank you.

Version .9 has support from the official website.